A powerful download manager packed with options

DownloadStudio has over 12 specialized downloading tools to help you get programs, games, photos, music, movies, flash, documents, RSS feeds, blogs, podcasts, complete web sites, complete FTP sites and much more!

DownloadStudio Quick Start gives you instant access to all tools and features in one easy-to-use window! Extensive help and tutorials get you up-and-running fast.

DownloadStudio lets you download a complete web site, or to download just certain files that match your criteria from a web site. Downloading a complete web site allows you to view the web site offline without being connected to the internet.

All files for the web site are downloaded and the site is fully functional. This is great for offline browsing, for research purposes and for making regular backups of a web site.

Downloading certain files from a web site based on your criteria is a very powerful downloading technique. For example, it lets you get all images from a web site, or to get all PDF files from a web site, or to get all music from a web site.

DownloadStudio lets you specify the criteria that you would like to use when downloading files from a web site. These criteria can include file type, file size, file date, file location and more.

For example, you may wish to download all JPEG images that are larger than 50KB from a particular web server. This would allow you to get all the large-sized photos from a photo gallery web site.

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